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Delta Truck Parking
8468 Airway Road, Otay Mesa (San Diego), CA 92154
$12 Daily: Cash Only!
First-come, first-served!
Call 24 hours to check spot availability!
  • Parking Near CBX: We are located 2 miles (15-20 minute drive based on traffic) from the CBX Crossing.
  • ​Cash-Only Price: $12/day, no reservations available, first-come, first-served, and subject to availability.
  • Online Reservations: $15/day, reservations available from 04/15/2024 through 01/15/2025, guarantee a parking spot, cancellation fee $30 (no exceptions). Click here to get a quote or to book parking online.
  • Car Keys: It's required to leave the keys, no exceptions. Each parking spot is 12ft wide by 90ft long. We need the keys to move the car in front of yours. Customers don't have access to this area. It's sort of a valet parking service.
  • For-Hire Shuttle: Shuttle service is NOT included in the price. It's $10 each way (to or from CBX) for everyone in your reservation (Toyota Sienna shuttle van for 6-passenger max capacity). Book a shuttle when you arrive to park your car, first-come, first-served, average wait time is 15 minutes (based on traffic).
  • ​Uber to/from CBX: Uber and Lyft drivers are available 24/7 at the CBX. A few of them are well familiar with our parking facility because they frequently pick up and drop-off our customers.
  • About Our ​Parking Service: We run a commercial parking lot where truck drivers account for 80% of the business and car parking counts for 20%, spaces for car parking are limited. 
  • Car Parking Customers: Just about every single customer we have is heading to the CBX-Crossing.
  • Truck Driver Customers: They need a safe and reliable parking facility for their expensive loads. 
  • Contact Us by Email: Send your email to info@deltatruckparking.com
  • Contact Us by Phone: Call us 24/7 at (619-721-0087)
  • Online Reviews: If you had a great or bad parking experience, write a review online. Or email us to let us know what we need to work on or to let us know that we did a great job.
  • Follow Us on Facebook (click here): Check out our Facebook page. We post our coupons and hot-flash sales on that page. You might want to follow us to receive important information.
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