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About Delta Truck Parking

Delta Truck Parking is a 24 hour public parking facility that offers same-day, overnight and long term parking to (1) customers who fly out of Tijuana Airport and want safe and secure parking on a U.S. based facility and to (2) truck drivers with valuable cargo and expensive equipment who demand no-excuse 24hour safe, attended and monitored parking lot. Our truck driver customers have a lot to loose, so be sure that we are serious about running a safe parking place.

We have being in business for over seven years. In the past seven years we have attended thousands of satisfied car and truck parking customers. Truck parking turnover ration is close to 90% and car parking turn over ratio is near to 60% Needles to say we have over 95% positive internet feedback. You can read what past customers have said in Yelp and at Google. But to summarize all reviews in one sentence this is what you will find in all of them; great customers service, safe, clean, cheap, highly recommended and super easy to use.

If you are someone looking to park you car on the U.S. border side because of a coming fly out of Tijuana Airport and don’t know how to get to the airport, then our parking service is aimed at you.

If you are a truck driver who needs to drop-off a loaded trailer and need a safe and secure parking lot that your cargo insurance will accept as an additional terminal, then I am sure we are already listed and approved by your insurance company. We have been approved by several major cargo and auto liability insurance companies as well as big chain stores such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot as an approved additional terminal. Contact your insurance carrier and add our parking lot as you additional business terminal.

Parking availability is limited for both cars and trucks. Our daily parking capacity for cars is 150 and 65 for big trucks. Book online and guarantee a spot for your car. For truck parking we don’t take reservations as trucks come and leave at all hours.